Perfection through passion

Good software isn't just lines of code. With excellent communication, thoughtful future-proofing and a great technical implementation it becomes an irreplaceable part of your workflow.
Such a piece of software is exactly what I can help you create.

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💼Past Work

From hybrid and native apps to websites, this is some of the work I've done for companies wanting to reach their full potential



Hybrid Android & iOS application built with React Native

Ella Marie

Ella Marie

Fully-fletched customizable website with shop

Vrienden van Spoorpark

Vrienden van Spoorpark

Completely tailormade platform for 'adoptions'

✨Road to success

Some of the key ingredients I use to make your software irreplaceable

Excellent Communication

Communication is the single most important part of building good software. By consistently validating product quality and managing expectations I make sure the end result is both predictable and of good quality.

Thoughtful Future-proofing

The software landscape changes incredibly quickly. By using the latest technologies and implementing well-established solutions I make sure that your product stays relevant in the years to come.

Great Technical Implementation

Nothing of substance is built without a solid foundation. By using state of the art technology and tools I make sure that your software has just that and is capable of growing with you.


Don't just take my word for it. This is what other people say about my services:

We are very happy with the way Martijn built our Veganific React Native app! He delivered high quality technical work by using modern coding techniques and following a clear project structure which we can easily build on top of. For these reasons we happily recommend Martijn to anyone looking for custom made applications.

Martijn has been building and managing the website for my company Ella Marie. Throughout this time his expertise, but also his involvement and willingness to explain did not go unnoticed. I’m very happy to work with Martijn and highly recommend getting in touch with him if you’re looking for a website that is built based on great collaboration and strong communication!


Fair pricing for a great software product

  • Static sites
  • Pre-launch pages
  • Concept validation sites
  • Webshops
  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps (Android + iOS)


  • When can I expect to receive my quotation?

    I aim to deliver the quotation within a business week. If the provided information is insufficient to deliver an accurate quotation it'll probably take longer than that.

  • What functionality can you build for me?

    Pretty much everything is doable. Get in contact and we'll figure something out!

  • How long does it take you to build my product?

    That depends entirely on the kind of software you want. Webshops and comparable products take longer than standard websites with less interactivity.

Is your question more specific? Send a mail